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    Honda and Walker Bay form Boat Builder Partnership

    Berwick St James Ltd. is delighted to have been chosen to develop a dealer network in the United Kingdom and Ireland for Walker Bay, who for over 20 years have been designing and building some of the most innovative, versatile and enjoyable boats on the market. With product lines including Inflatable Boats, and Dinghies & Sail Kits, their mission is to provide customers with luxury, smart, user-friendly solutions so they can fully enjoy being out on the water.

    Specialising in the wholesale trade sales of high quality new motorised boats, yachts and tenders to dedicated dealers, Berwick St James is continually raising the bar of expectation and providing a unique approach that is sector leading. With meticulous attention to the detailed needs of their dealers, they are proud of their boats which redefine the boating experiences of the end user.

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    We work closely and sympathetically in partnership with dealers, using our experience and knowledge to identify the product mix of craft that best meets their requirements and customer demand. A personal touch instils confidence throughout the process, and our skilled approach ensures that each and every product line has presence, sales performance and commercial viability.

    Walker Bay drew us to their products because of their insatiable passion for boating and a life spent on the water. Constantly striving to create products that offer enhanced value and fresh thinking, they take pride in the joy it brings to those who own them.  Each product made goes through extensive design and testing so they can offer an improved experience for users.

    Charles Fowler, Managing Director of Berwick St James Ltd

    Walker Bay takes the time to consider every aspect as to how their inflatable boats might be used. Great attention is paid to each and every detail to give customers a better boating experience. From their biggest luxury yacht tender, the Generation 525 with its passenger leaning post that doubles as a boarding handle, to their smallest inflatable dinghies with trim tabs and lifting grips moulded into the transom. They go the extra mile to give their customers the best.

    All of the Walker Bay inflatable boats are designed to be more spacious and are easy to get in and out from the bow. A wider bow also means less water spray so passengers can enjoy a drier ride. Their unique curved deep V-Hull design provides a sharper entry point while cutting through waves and causes water to be directed back down for a smoother ride in rough conditions and less spray into the boat.

    During the past few months Berwick St James Ltd. has been exploring opportunities with Honda (UK) Ltd. and this has now blossomed into a Boat Builder Partnership for Walker Bay and Honda in the UK and Ireland. This enables qualifying Honda engine dealers to promote and sell Walker Bay inflatable RIB tenders to their customers thereby generating an enhanced sales revenue. From a customer perspective, their new Walker Bay tender would be powered by industry leading engines with impeccable performance characteristics and a formidable reputation for reliability.

    This is an exciting and winning prospect for the leisure marine sector: A fantastic opportunity for dealers and customers alike with the benefits of a Boat Builder Partnership between Walker Bay and Honda realised by all parties.

    Charles Fowler
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