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    Frauscher Wins Best of Boats Award and Again Achieves Record Revenues!

    Once again the Frauscher Shipyard, headquartered in Ohlsdorf Austria, can look back on a very successful year. The boat builders were able to significantly increase their business volume and again achieved a record revenue in fiscal year 2018/19. As an absolute highlight, the premium brand Frauscher won the Best of Boats Award 2019 with its new flagship, the 1414 Demon Air, last Thursday evening.

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    Like no other brand, Frauscher stands for innovation and unique design in the premium sport boats sector. With sales growth of approximately 13.5% compared to the last business year, Frauscher can now look back on an outstanding record year. The reason for this is the clearly structured range of models that perfectly serves the needs of different consumers globally. Right from the start the 1414 Demon, Frauscher’s 14 meter flagship, exceeded the expectations of customers as well as the expectations of the manufacturer. Since the first launch, 30 boats have been sold to customers throughout the world. This year the 1414 Demon Air was successfully introduced to the market as an open version. Highlight of its début year: Most recently the jury of the internationally renowned “Best of Boats Awards 2019” selected the motor yacht as the winner in the “Best for Fun” category. Frauscher was able to prevail over many strong competitors from all over Europe. The Best of Boats Award is considered one of the most important awards in the industry and is presented by 18 journalists from 16 countries.

    The 1017 GT celebrated another great success – the award winning first-rate, gentleman’s racer. The 99th 1017 GT recently left the shipyard in Ohlsdorf – no. 100 is currently being built.
    Frauscher was also able to succeed in the area of the electric boats. Last year the 200th 650 Alassio was launched; therefore, it is the top-selling boat of the whole Frauscher range, which currently includes 12 models. The electric division is responsible for one third of total revenues.

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    The boat builders from the Salzkammergut started working with new drive systems early in its history. Michael Frauscher, member of the Executive Board responsible for Production and Development, comments on the positioning of Frauscher: “The Frauscher Shipyard has been investing in the development of new-generation drive technologies since 1954. Very early we developed electric boats, hybrid models and hydrogen-powered models and therefore we have fostered our innovation strength.We see ourselves as the pacemaker of our industry, however we rely on cooperations with well-known partners from the automotive industry. In years to come, we will further extend our technical advantage – regardless the drive system.”

    In recent decades, Frauscher has transformed from a traditional family business to an innovative premium brand with over 90 years experience in making motor and electric boats. Moreover, last years investments onshore have additionally increased competitive advancement. The opening of the new production facility in Ohlsdorf in 2012 and the opening of the hub in Mallorca were key to the success of the transformation process. In the new shipyard, production, sales, marketing and controlling were brought together in one location and the workflow has been adapted to the latest standards. With the opening of an additional subsidiary in Port Grimaud on the French Riviera, since this year there are now three Frauscher-managed sites for boat enthusiasts in Europe. With their home-site in Gmunden/Traunsee and Mallorca, the Frauscher Shipyard launched its next offense in the Mediterranean region with the presence in Port Grimaud.

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