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Assisted Purchase Scheme

For all United Kingdom organisations supporting sporting, training, educational, health and wellbeing activities based on water.

Grosvenor Yachts will help you to buy a new Valiant RIB.

Sponsorship of a RIB for your Organisation

Would you like a new RIB? If so, then Grosvenor Yachts would be pleased to help.

The United Kingdom has a rich and diverse history of maritime pastimes and sporting achievements, with a marine sector that is celebrated for excellence. A significant portion of the population wish to celebrate their leisure pursuits on the water in a variety of craft, with over 1 million boats and watercraft owned by UK households.

There is great pressure upon clubs and training schools to seek innovative solutions as to how they can maintain their provision and remain a focal point for the socially beneficial aspects of their community based activities.

Grosvenor Yachts intention is to assist the current and next generation of water users to fulfil their leisure and sporting hopes, dreams and aspirations by supporting the purchase of new Valiant RIB boats in the UK that are typically used for a wide variety of purposes including educational, club training and safety.

In return for some modest text and logos placed on the side of the tubes and maintained for a period of at least three years, Grosvenor Yachts is prepared to cover the first 20% of the purchase price for each boat.

This, for example, negates the need to have the deposit sum when seeking to finance a new RIB purchase.

Grosvenor Yachts wants to help you capture and enhance the benefits of boating for all participants. So why wait? Make an enquiry and they will see how best they can help you.

A New RIB for all of your Needs

This offer is based specifically on the Valiant brand of rigid inflatable boats which offer a range of models that fit the type, usual size requirements (4.7m to 5.5m) and have the ability to support the level of equipment most likely to be required by typical users. However, they are happy to consider sizes outside of this range.

The boats may be specified for use on either a) inland and categorised waters covered by MGN 469 (inland regulations), b) coastal waters covered by code MGN 280 (Category 6 or Category 3 (Restricted)) or c) simply owned by a club and used by their members without the need for any coding so long as an appropriate safety plan and measures are in place. You will need to specify the area of water in which the boat is to operate.

Boat Specification

The base boat specification will allow the boat to be used by an organisation or its members for sport or pleasure purposes but not for most other activities. In nearly all alternative circumstances, additional equipment must be present upon the boat.

For use on inland waters you will need one of:

  • Pack A – to comply with MGN469 in category A, B and C waters.
  • Pack B – to comply with MGN469 in category D waters. One of the biggest differences from Pack A is the addition of a liferaft.

For use on offshore or non-categorised waters you will need one of:

  • Pack C – to comply with MGN280 rated to category 6. This includes a liferaft, depth sounder, second battery and better compass.
  • Pack D – to comply with MGN280 rated to category 3 (Restricted). Some of the main differences from Pack C are a secondary means of propulsion and an additional fixed VHF.

Further details and the prices for the boats can be found at

Finance is available to qualifying organisations subject to terms, conditions and status. The rate of interest that you would pay depends upon the value of the boat bought and your credit status. Please apply for further details.

This promotion is subject to contract. Terms and conditions apply.

For further information please click here.

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