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    Dreaming of Seabobs

    No boundaries, no limits…

    For exhilaration and an incredible feeling of flying, simply head for the water. Leave your worries behind and experience pure freedom and inclusive family fun. 

    This fantastic water sled offers all-round high-performance. Its compact hydrodynamic shape provides for an astounding degree of agility. Steering and diving could not be easier – all it requires is for the pilot to shift their bodyweight. The Seabob truly enhances all of your swimming, snorkelling, free diving or scuba diving experiences.

    An established and still growing trend amongst the leisure marine community is to enhance this great toy with different colours and graphic design ideas. The most inspiring designs work with the natural contours of the Seabob. Careful placement of shapes and lines can visually elongate the body of the sled. Mimicking sealife, for example, this red and black design has what appear to be white gills placed in just the right spot to draw the eye along the side contours. The striking red against the deep black gives real impact to this design and looks beautifully glossy.

    Sports such as Formula 1 are well known for their striking helmet designs. These can also be used as inspiration, such as the use of an ‘airbrushed’ edge to give a three-dimensional shape to the designs. Yacht names and logos can be blended into an overall design in a similar way. You could even use your favourite movie to provide ideas….this Iron Man helmet uses colours that would look fantastic on a Seabob.

    In contrast, this design by the Hard Rock Hotel in Ibiza has a much more delicate look and feel. The intricate lines of the musical instruments on the side are perfectly placed underneath the Seabob logo and stand out clearly against the rich black background. The scattering of gold and silver geometric shapes near the nose are playful and reflect the light in a similar way to light reflecting off the surface of the water on a bright sunny day. The golden section on top works with the structural form of the Seabob and achieves a great balance overall of gold and black.

    If you prefer to keep things simple, the platinum silver metallic is a gloriously understated, yet elegant colour that complements just about any yacht or motorboat. However, if you are using your Seabob in tropical countries, you may find that the acid brights of the Lumex colours are just the thing to add joy and zing to your day in the sea! An added advantage of these intense colours is the ability to easily be seen, whether dashing about on top of the water or gliding beneath.

    Don’t forget monochrome. Choosing a classic fashion staple, you could opt for the cleanliness of a pure star white Seabob body against its neat, black base. Contrasting elements could also be fun here, zebra stripes, friesian cow prints, fish scales…be inspired by nature and let your imagination go wild.

    Having said all of the above, it may be that you simply want to add something personal and meaningful to your Seabob. It doesn’t have to be overpowering. A small symbol, motif or shape, subtly placed in just the right spot can look extremely elegant and understated. It’s also very handy if you find yourself moored next to other people who also have their Seabobs out to play as nobody wants to set off with the wrong sled onboard.

    Hope you have lots of fun choosing colours, designs and playing around with ideas. I’m wondering if I could design one to look like Superwoman…perhaps with a little red cape for flying across the water.

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