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Bugari Appoints Grosvenor Yachts

Bugari Yachts GmbH has appointed Grosvenor Bugari to the role of dealer in the United Kingdom and Ireland and is part of Grosvenor Yachts Ltd.

The Bugari shipyard has over 46 years’ experience in high-end shipbuilding and stands out from the crowd due to its unrivalled passion for excellence and the highest attention to detail.

Each Bugari motor yacht is a handmade, unique masterpiece. And each yacht is individually different because it is tailored totally and exactly to the personal characteristics of the individual owner. Based upon pure Italian design plus skilled Italian craftsmanship, Bugari yachts are positioned in the high sportive / high prestige field. A main feature is an unbeatable mix of highly efficient fast hydroplaning characteristics plus long range cruising capability at eco speed. Owning a Bugari yacht means advanced technology, security and comfort.

Cutting-edge innovations like the new ‘fast eco hull’, as well as numerous innovations in security and comfort are setting new long term standards and are proving BUGARI’s leadership in the sportive yacht-building market.

We are delighted to represent Bugari who produce some of the world’s most desirable boats. The Bugari shipyard constantly excels in innovation and attention to the owner’s personal visions, emotions, wishes and needs while planning and building each individual yacht: In this way every Bugari yacht becomes a really unique masterpiece, reflecting perfectly a personal character, which has been developed and planned by the owner.

Charles Fowler, Managing Director

Grosvenor Yachts sells both new and warrantied pre-owned motorised leisure yachts. Working closely and sympathetically in partnership with the customer, using their experience and knowledge to identify the model of craft that best meets the requirements and budget, a personal touch instils confidence throughout the process. Their skilled approach ensures that each and every boat has presence, performance and unmistakable panache. It is therefore not surprising that the Grosvenor Yachts brand has become a synonym for luxury, high quality and customer service.

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