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First Fully Electric Luxury Yacht Revealed

Hinckley has unveiled what is thought to be the world’s first fully electric luxury yacht delivering zero emissions.

The 28ft long Dasher uses dual 40-kWh BMW i3 lithium ion batteries with a prismatic cell design for efficient cooling and temperature distribution.

“The Hinckley Whisper Drive silent propulsion system combines the latest hydrodynamics, electric power and digital control systems to achieve the performance handling and manoeuvrability that discerning clients will expect,” explained Peter O’Connell, president and CEO of The Hinckley Company.

Dasher can be fully charged in around four hours with a dual 50amp charging dock. Her cruising speed is 10mph with fast cruising at 18-27mph using twin 80hp electric motors. Her range will be 40 miles at cruising speed and 20-25 miles at fast cruising speeds.

With a carbon-epoxy composite hull designed by Michael Peters, plus carbon stringers, Dasher is the lightest Hinckley yacht to be built.

The vessel also has a shallow draft, retractable windshield and touch-screen control.

Dasher marks Hinckley’s first use of artisanal teak, a lightweight hand-painted epoxy composite without the weight or maintenance costs of traditional varnished teak wood.

The first models are due to be delivered in summer 2018.

Original Source: Boating Business

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