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Grosvenor Yachts Appointed by Silent Yachts to be their Dealer in the UK and Ireland

Offering a completely new experience of nature and water sports without noise or exhausts, Silent Yachts presents the first and only ocean going production yachts in the world that are fully solar sustainable and powered by solar energy. Everything started with a piece of white paper, a pencil and a spirit for innovation. Silent Yachts was founded on the dream of eliminating the major downfalls of yachting as well as the minimising the effects on the environment without sacrificing the slightest bit of luxury.

Imagine starting every morning with an awe inspiring sunrise and ending the day with a breathtaking sunset! Watch, smell, feel nature and be aware that you take responsibility for the environment. Ease out, relax and enjoy the most beautiful and interesting places to cruise on Earth.

Zombies Can't Swim

Conventional motor yachts are powered by diesel or gasoline engines. Additionally, they have a generator on board to supply the household appliances. Depending on the size of the yacht, two or three diesel engines are working in tandem for the propulsion and household needs. On sailing-yachts, depending on the operational area and the wind and weather conditions, in addition to the sails a diesel engine is needed for the propulsion of the boat. When anchored in a quiet bay, the noisy diesel engine is operated to provide the energy needed on the boat.

Many yachts use gas for cooking; the open flame heats up the interior of the yacht and can cause an imminent threat. On many yachts the consumables like water and energy are managed in a way that enforces the skipper to visit a marina every two or three days to charge the batteries and to buy water for shower and drinking. Larger Yachts operate water-makers, air-conditioning and generators. They do not need to go to a marina, but the use of a combustion-engine is inevitably combined with noise, exhausts and vibrations as well as oily films in the water: Not the nicest experience in an otherwise quiet bay.

We feel incredibly honoured that Silent Yachts have appointed Grosvenor Yachts to represent their brand in the UK and Ireland. Without doubt one of the most important and challenging facets of modern boating is finding the balance between the enduring freedom of yachting and the environmental impacts of that activity. The future of luxury yachting is individualistic, noiseless, self-sufficient and honouring nature and the environment. In this regard, it may well be Silent…

Charles Fowler – Managing Director of Grosvenor Yachts
Zombies Can't Swim

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